About International Sake Lecturer

About International Sake Lecturer

Sake being more and more popular, young people, women, and even people from outside of Japan have been enjoying sake. We hold various sake seminars around the world in order for these beginner sake drinkers to not only to want to drink, but also to learn sake.
However, there are not that many people who have the proper skills to teach others.
An International Sake Lecturer is a person with both the knowledge and the skills who can instruct others.

You can hold Sake Navigator certification seminars.

International Sake Lecturers can hold seminars for people who want to be Sake Navigators. Compared to regular seminars, SSI certified seminars will have an added value.

Two ways to become an International Sake Lecturer

International Sake Lecturers are certified through two courses: one course can be taken at a venue and another can be taken at home.
You may choose between the Venue course and Home course.